Sunday, January 25, 2009

To the City Dump

Yesterday was especially special because I finally got rid of the old smelly gas that came out of the boats' gas tank. With Stanley riding shotgun in my 1986 Toyota pick-up truck, the perfect dump runner. Up the coast 3 miles, hanging a right at Dimeo lane, there you are! Where dreams come true! One with my people! A place where I can be me, not faking it with some aplomb, a place where the garbage hits the ground so to speak. Stanley had a blast chasing the sea gulls as the sights and sounds tickled our olfactory nerves. But, alas, had to get back. Dropped off the toxic 20 year old gas, filled out a form and made our way back home to a fresh cup of coffee for me and dog bisquit for Stanley....can't wait to get back there!...and thanks for the comments.

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