Thursday, January 1, 2009

Have boat, did travel

Round trip of over 1400 miles of pulling the boat. (to Pheonix, AZ for the holidays). Everything went well although when I got back I noticed one of the trailer tires was low on air pressure (10 lbs.) and when I checked out the prop after the Lake Havasu boating experience I noticed the nuts holding on the prop were loose and the cotter pin was gone. If this was overlooked, at some point they would've come off completely let alone the prop coming off.
I'm writing this to demonstrate the importance of keeping on top of stuff like this....otherwise, you wouldn't believe what shit can hit the fan when dealing with these Pain in the butt boats!
ps: the trailer of crushed cars was at a rest stop somewhere around Blythe.

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Saltydawg said...

I thought that was what was left of ya boat....Phew. I'm back after a break so Happy New Year!Gaz