Sunday, September 20, 2009


Back to laying down the planks. After you've done a bunch of them (such as I) it can get tedious but exciting (to me) probably not for you though.  I'm only mildly excited though, not really excited.  Anyway here's the progress picture.  See if you can spot the changes since the last progress picture!  Give yourself strokes for that!  I sure am giving myself strokes so you should have that oppurtunity as well!


MJinSVL said...

The picture may rate a “G”, but its description warrants an “R.” I’m so distracted that the only progress I can see for sure is that most of the blue blocks seem to be missing. Perhaps you’ve put them to good use elsewhere (like in the kitchen, for instance).

David fa niente said...

Impressive. Please give us more pix! Also, what LP's are you putting on the old turn table now?