Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stanley get's skunked!

Here's a shot of Stanley in a less explosive time, by that I mean he got sprayed by a skunk this morning. The ever vigilant guard dog knew something was up and managed to shake him out but not before getting hit. The brave canine soul that he is, none the less I forced him to retreat as I took over the task of ridding our backyard of the pest. Making loud noises to no avail, I chucked a couple of rocks and chunks of wood at him but it didn't faze him.....had to bring out the big gun, a powerful air pellet pistol and filled him fulla lead, well sort of, I don't think it actually penetrated his thick fur even. I gave up after that and wife Carol called animal control, they came over but the skunk had dissapeared into a recess full of wood out of reach of Mike the animal control, I have a strong feeling we'll have to deal with critter again, gives me the shudders thinking about it....i'm not too good with creatures like that, it's reassuring that Stanley is as brave and smart as he is.

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