Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A letter I found in 1982

Dated June 27, 1979

Hello Sweetie,

I’m sitting in the dad-blessed courtyard commons in between working on a business card for Abby’s Steve & cycling off to perform haircuts on said duo. The brilliant Santa Cruz sun is pummeling me & the shirt which was too thin for the morning’s fog is proving too heavy for the daytime heat. I’m surrounded by the Beautiful People of whom I was never a member but used to fake it with some aplomb. Now I can’t even attempt the act. The air around me is sodden with aimless or pseudo-intense conversation, and it amazes me how alien I can feel. I have been a virtual recluse since your departure, you know; whether or not that event was the catalyst is not clear to me. But at any rate my social interactions are nearing the bottom, limited now to those whom I deem important. Even those, infrequently. Todd’s is my refuge 6 days out of the week-as I grow less tolerant of the human foibles of my compatriots in general, I grow increasingly convinced that he is truly unique and powerful person, whose very “faults” are mainly warpings of his original strengths by society & family. We grow closer; I become healthier. In two days we leave for 10 day’s of walking in the marble mtns; in Sept./Oct. he goes to Europe, without me by mutual agreement; after that we’ll look for a place, I s’pose. Unless we decide to leave S. C., which is an increasingly possible & discussed option. But that’s another letter.

I must assume that your lack of correspondence is due to one or both of two things: a real desire for solitude & isolation,or infrequent mail pick-ups or send-downs. Whatever the cause, I hope and trust that these days and weeks are proving to be a source of pleasure, growth or comfort of some sort. And being hesitant to propose any dates of possible visits after the others have failed to materialize, let me just say that I await your return with bona-fide happy anticipation, and scheme endlessly as to Bike Tours soon to be. Eh?

I miss you lots. That’s so evident when I sit down to write that these words become inadequate messengers. Even news seems dispensible. Oh yes, except: my colposcopy & biopsy showed (drum roll, please) not displasia but chronic cervical infection. I’m scheduled for cryosurgery July 16 but I’m going to inquire as to length of necessary abstainence afterwards: if more than 1 week or maybe two, I may delay until Todd leaves for Yurp. I mean why not?

Gotta go cut hair. Write Write write! Please! Come back come back! Excuse this ridiculous letter but a few hasty words must be better than nothing. I’ll write and draw some good things for you in the mountains.
I love you-----------Colleen

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